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Middleton Building Supply Company - Union, New Hampshire

Middleton Building Supply

"When we needed an design firm to help us with our biomass cogeneration project, we went to look at another sawmill. They gave Thermal Systems a great recommendation. We do, too." Marcie Perry, Director of Operations, Middleton Building Supply

Middleton Building Supply is a subsidiary of LaValley Building Supply. LaValley Building Supply was founded by Harold and Geraldine LaValley in 1962. Today it is the largest independently owned building materials supplier in Vermont and New Hampshire. - www.lavalleys.com

Middleton Building Supply employs 11% of the population in Union City, NH. The success of the mill is critical to the success of the townspeople. The budget for heating oil and electricity was paralyzing the business. In 2005, the cost for heat and electricity exceeded $8 million. Finding alternative energy resources was critical to the future of the operation.

"Thermal Systems was a great help even in the upfront planning stage. We didn't have the technical expertise to take on a project of this size," explained Marcie Perry. "Bob Waller's expertise in the biomass energy industry was a big asset to us. Bob evaluated our mill waste and bi-products for potential as fuel sources. He calculated the type and size facility we would need. He was a big help with all the technical aspects and helped us communicate with the local, state and federal agencies. His knowledge was instrumental in our ability to secure financing and necessary approvals. He even stayed with us through the meetings with Public Service of NH."

Middleton Building Supply secured a USDA grant to help fund the project. They have achieved such tremendous savings that they have been able to bring on four new kilns. Their next goal is to totally eliminate outside electrical supply and become totally self-sustaining.

Equipment and System Changes:

The Project:

Thermal Systems, Inc. provided EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) services which included a Hurst Hybrid, 600 hp biomass boiler. The steam boiler is rated at 400 psi and is equipped with a underfeed stoker. This close coupled gasifier is ideally suited to burn sawdust, shavings, chips and bark with moistures to 55%. Also included is a 100 ton biomass "live" fuel storage system.

Cogeneration of electricity is provided by a 600 kW Dresser-Rand turbine/Marathon Electric generator set.

Turbo Steam energy

600 kW Steam Turbine/Generator Set - Packaged by TurboSteam


Elimination of approximately 7,500 gallons No. 2 fuel oil weekly 60% reduction in purchased electricity Addition of four drying kilns Working toward full cogeneration and complete elimination of outside electrical resources

Delivery of the boiler

Delivery of the boiler

Erected building

Building erected after
placement of the boiler

fuel storage shed

Fuel shed and energy plant

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