Limington Lumber Case Study, Limington, Maine - Alternative Energy, Industrial Boilers

Limington Lumber Company - East Baldwin, Maine

Limington Lumber Company

"We chose Thermal Systems despite receiving a very competitive bid from a Canadian competitor. TSI's confidence and experience sold us." Win Smith, Jr.owner and president, Limington Lumber Co.

Limington Lumber Company was founded in 1961 in Limington, ME. The company purchased a mill site in East Baldwin in 1969. Limington Lumber Co. is located in the Saco River Valley in an area stretching from Fryeburg to Biddeford that has been known for its' quality White Pine for over 300 years.

Limington Lumber Energy Solutions Facility

Limington Lumber Co., a long standing member of Northeastern Lumber Manufacturers Association (NeLMA), produces over 14 million board feet of Eastern White Pine boards annually. They operate a band sawmill and planing mill, offering many different patterns. -

Limington Lumber needed an alternative energy company that could incorporate a biomass system into the existing mill site. "We had some site specific constraints," explained Win Smith, Jr. "We recognized Thermal Systems had the experience to evaluate our energy needs and incorporate our unique site needs."

"At the end of the day, we are very pleased with the results of working with Thermal Systems. They took us through the process step by step and were with us the whole way," explained Smith. "With a weekly oil consumption of 5000 gallons, we were looking for a cost effective alternative. Now we are powered 100% with internal waste. Bob Waller also made sure that our employees were properly trained. When the new system went online, we were ready to go."

Equipment and System Changes:

Limington Lumber's latest upgrade was completed in April, 2006 with the installation of a Hurst 250hp Boiler system. This allowed us to begin using sawdust to generate heat for the dry kilns as well as the plant. It also allowed us to retire the 2 oil-fired boilers, which gives us better control of our heating costs going forward.

The Project:

  • Biomass Boiler
  • Fuel Storage and Transfer System
  • New Boiler House Addition
  • 600' Interconnect Piping System


Biomass Boiler rigged into place

Biomass Boiler rigged into place

Completely eliminated 5000 gallon/week oil consumption Incorporated new boiler system into existing site Fueled 100% with internal waste Payback in 2 years

pollution abatement

250 hp Hurst Biomass Boiler
with pollution abatement module

fuel reclaim system

Fully automated fuel reclaim system
mixes sawdust and other mill wastes

live fuel storage

Covered "live" fuel storage

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