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How We Work

Phase One - Feasibility and Assessment

Our projects typically start with a site visit where a brief but important project assessment is conducted with the client. Working closely with the plant personnel, the project is defined and goals are established. After careful analysis, we determine the potential benefits of converting or upgrading energy systems. If those potential benefits are significant enough to outweigh the potential costs, Thermal Systems then generates budget numbers and presents them for review.

The next step is a more formal energy analysis, including project feasibility and a more rigorous design assessment, is conducted to establish true energy savings. Seasonal energy balances drawings are generated and energy consumption is documented along with costs. These energy balance drawings are used to size the equipment. The capital cost is re-visited, ROI and simple payback calculated and this "actionable document" is presented to the client.

Phase Two - Project Implementation

Thermal Systems is prepared and qualified to implement your project from design through startup. Project management, design, equipment procurement and expediting, construction management, and installation services are all available. Our team approach with single source responsibility assures projects completed on time and on budget.

Phase Three - Startup and Training

Our goal is a seamless transition from your old expensive system to your new energy-efficient system. Minimal disruption of your day-to-day activities is a key part of our plan. Before going "on-line", your new boiler system will be completely tested. Our experienced and highly qualified technicians will be on-site to provide your team with comprehensive startup assistance, and your operating staff will undergo a thorough training program under our direction. For added client confidence, we can also provide remote monitoring of your boiler system.

Products and Services

  • Project Feasibility and Assessment
  • Project Design
  • Project and Construction Management
  • Steam and Electric Cogeneration Plants
  • Multiple Boiler Designs - Firebox, Watertube and Hybrid
  • Multiple Fuels - Natural Gas, Oil and Biomass
  • Biomass Fuel Handling and Storage
  • Air Pre-heaters and Feedwater Economizers / Stack Gas Economizer
  • Plant Auxiliaries
  • Low NOx burner technology
  • Heat Recovery Systems
  • Process Control and Monitoring
  • Continuous Emissions Monitoring (CEM's)

600 kW Steam Turbine/Generator

600 kW Steam Turbine/Generator,
College in Maine

Packaged by TurboSteam

150 hp Biomass Boiler

150 hp Biomass Boiler,
Regional School in New York

Rendering by BC Group

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