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Alternative Energy : Feasibility Studies

One of the first, and most important documents needed to begin work on an industrial boiler or energy system is a feasibility study. This thoroughly research document is invaluable during the discovery process.

A feasibility study will allow you to:

  • Present a comprehensive energy strategy
  • Configure the energy plant
  • Estimate the capital cost along with future project economics
  • Use a negotiating tool for future electric utility negotiations.

A feasibility study consists of the following important discovery processes:

  • Situation Analysis
  • Facilities Audit
  • Project Description
  • Project Economics

For example, a company was investigating a biomass-fired electric cogeneration plant as an addition to a local facility. With recent price increases in purchased electricity coupled with exploding fuel prices, a complete review of the facilities energy strategy is warranted.

This company required assistance in analyzing the electric cogeneration potential as well as defining a project. Thermal Systems offered these services including project feasibility and technical analysis resulting in an "actionable document."

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