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Thermal Systems, Inc. launches new website

Recognizing that many businesses and institutions need to address burdensome energy budgets, Thermal Systems, Inc has developed a new web site filled with information about cost savings, energy efficiency and sustainability made possible by converting to biomass or cogeneration and upgrading to higher efficiency systems using natural gas & oil. In the web site, visitors can learn the facts about these alternative energies through client stories and real results.

Edwards-Knox School, Russell, NY, takes delivery of a Hurst biomass boiler

Thermal Systems performed a comprehensive feasibility analysis for this school district in Up-State NY and determined that converting to biomass would be an attractive alternative to No. 2 oil. Faced with an energy costs of $22.32/MMBtu ($150,000 per yr) it was determined that a biomass system could reduce the energy costs to $9.00/MMBtu. The boiler is scheduled to be on line by the end of the year. See Progress - Watertown Daily Times

UMaine Orono, ME starts performance tests on a 600 kW, steam turbine/generator set

In 2007 Thermal Systems was contracted to review a cogeneration feasibility analysis which the University had conducted in 2002. It was determined that this year the project should be implemented. Specifications were generated and ultimately the University selected a dual turbine, single generator configuration. Even with steam flow to the campus seasonal, this unique design maximizes electrical power output.

JCI places order for a Hurst biomass boiler to be installed at Cresson Prison, Cresson PA

Johnson Controls Inc. (JCI) selected a 600 hp, Hurst biomass boiler for their project at Cresson Prison in Cresson, PA. This boiler will provide heating to the prison complex while operating in conjunction with a steam turbine/generator set.

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