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Alternative Energy

Given the volatility of oil prices, organizations of all sizes are looking for cost effective, renewable, and cleaner ways to meet their energy needs. Is there an alternative energy solution that will reduce your high fuel costs? There are many options to consider but which is the appropriate application for your needs?

biomass renewable energy harvestFor institutional, industrial and commercial sites looking for a greener way to produce heat, electricity and steam, alternative energy technologies already exist and are being used with great results throughout the world. In Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and other parts of New England, Thermal Systems, Inc. is the leader in providing expertise from initial feasibility studies, project and construction management, and project implementation.

Thermal Systems, Inc. has the experience to assess your current situation and design the most cost-effective system. We will assist you by conducting a thorough review of your existing boiler system and current energy costs. Our knowledge of biomass, natural gas and oil, and cogeneration will give you the information you need to make an informed decision.

What alternative energies make sense for your situation?

We have extensive industry expertise in the areas of biomass, natural gas and oil and electric cogeneration. We have successfully designed biomass and cogeneration systems to help manufacturers, institutions and schools reduce their fuel costs, re-align their budgets, reduce their carbon footprint and improve their sustainability. We also design systems that employ new technology to make natural gas and oil more efficient and cost effective.

Thermal Systems is the experts in the use of renewable energy and alternative energy power sources, as well as making more efficient use of materials through the process of cogeneration. Learn how your institutional, commercial or industrial site can reduce carbon emissions while reducing its dependence on expensive oil, all while enjoy significant cost savings. Contact Thermal Systems to request a feasibility study of your current system by calling 207.883.8981 or clicking on the Contact page.

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Imagine taking something that might otherwise be thrown away and utilizing it as a fuel source. That is the essence of a biomass system. There are many sources of organic material that cannot be viably used for commercial applications. Wood chips, sawdust and bark are just a few that we recommend. Plant materials, such as corn and grass as well agricultural waste are also great sources of biomass fuels. We specialize in designing systems that utilize wood waste products for fuel to produce heat, chilled water and process steam needed to operate turbines or other machinery.

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Natural Gas & Oil

Although many alternative energy experts will try to move you away from Natural Gas or Oil, we know that there are still many effective ways to use these fuels. Advances in technology have improved the efficiency of these traditional fuels. It's possible that an upgrade in your system will significantly reduce your fuel budget. Contact us today for more information.

How can Thermal Systems use Natural Gas or Oil to reduce your energy budget?

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Currently you might burn oil to heat your facility and buy electricity for lighting etc. Imagine utilizing one fuel source for virtually all your energy needs. A cogeneration system combines needs to deliver two different types of energy (e.g. electricity and heat, heat and process steam) generated by one fuel source. Another common synonym for cogeneration is "combined heat and power" (CHP). CHP or cogeneration represents a cost-effective way to lower operating costs and provide a reliable source of electric and thermal energy.

What makes cogeneration such an alternative/green technology is that it actually creates a form of energy which can be considered "free." That's because in a correctly designed installation, either the heat or electricity will be generated as a byproduct of the production of the other form of energy.

In effect, cogeneration/CHP is a way for an energy user to control and reduce energy costs by utilizing the heat that would normally be wasted and use some or all of it for the thermal requirements of a facility.

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