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About Us

Thermal Systems, Inc. (TSI) is an established design, procurement and construction management firm providing a wide range of services to Facility Managers, Plant Engineers and Plant Superintendents. Located in Scarborough, Maine, we offer single source responsibility for all types of energy and process applications.

Energy plants include: heating and cooling plants, steam generation and steam and cogeneration Process applications include: mechanical and piping systems, heat transfer and recovery projects, dryer drainage for the paper industry, lumber drying for the forest products industry and district heating and cooling systems for colleges and universities.

"Our goal at Thermal Systems, Inc. is to design a boiler system for you that utilizes the most appropriate fuel source for your needs, reduces your fuel budget, improves your sustainability, and limits your downtime so you have the power, heat and electricity you need to operate your business, institution, campus or school." Bob Waller, President Thermal Systems, Inc.

At Thermal Systems, Inc, we believe in the energy-saving opportunities presented by today's alternative energy resources. We specialize in the analysis, design and implementation of large boiler systems that provide process steam or hot water for a variety of applications. Our projects focus on boiler systems; biomass, natural gas and oil and electric cogeneration.

Thermal Systems will assemble the team of experts needed to bring your project to successful completion. Your team will work closely with you throughout the process from concept to start-up.

We believe your utilities should never be a limiting factor for your business or organization. Downtime, due to utility failure is unacceptable to us and after thirty years in this industry, we teamed with Hurst Boiler for our small to medium size biomass boiler projects. We rely on their quality to meet our standards and we highly recommend Hurst Boilers as they deliver the reliability you deserve.

Thermal Systems is the exclusive authorized representative for Hurst Biomass Boiler Systems. We develop projects for Hurst in the six (6) New England States, plus Pennsylvania and New York.

For more about Thermal Systems or to initiate a conversation about your energy project, please contact Thermal Systems, Inc. at 207.883.8981 or submit a request through our Contact page.