Maine Industrial Boilers - Natural Gas & Oil, Alternative Energy, Biomass & cogeneration

Let's build an Energy Strategy

Are you looking for alternatives to high-energy costs for your business, school or institution? You'll need the design expertise of Thermal Systems, Inc. of Scarborough, Maine. We've helped industrial clients, schools and institutions throughout New England and the North East eliminate thousands of dollars of energy costs using biomass, natural gas and oil. Their stories are here to help you understand how converting to biomass, cogeneration or other alternative energy solutions can improve your bottom line, reduce your carbon footprint and make your organization more energy efficient.

With 25 years of experience designing and building boiler systems, Thermal Systems has the knowledge and expertise to develop the system you need for process steam, heating, cooling, and electricity. We offer complete design services that will take you from analysis of your current situation and calculation of payback through to installation, start-up and daily operation.

You must have many questions. Begin a conversation with the alternative energy experts at Thermal Systems, Inc. by calling 207.883.8981 or clicking on the Contact page.